How to Meet Women

“How to Get The Best Female Partner”how-to-approach-a-girl


A quality relationship with a great woman is the prize that every man hopes to gain. If possible I hope to assist you in finding the woman who will be a great partner, friend and lov/er.

Are the following 3 things true about you?

You have been too shy to approach and begin a conversation with a girl, in the past that you really liked and wanted to meet.

You probably don’t approach women you find attractive because you don’t know what to say or what to do.

You’ve spent more time than necessary being single.

As for me, I’ve taught shy and confused men as well as powerful business people how to actually be able to meet hot women and never pass on an opportunity to meet and get to know attractive women.

Here’s an opener just to get you started… Q. What is an opener? A. An opener is something you say to a woman to get a great conversation started. “hi” is an opener. “hello” is an opener… but those are openers that you can use successfully when you exude confidence, relaxation and power. Women respond to guys who feel really good in themselves… not guys who are terrified of them!

One of my openers that I created and shared online back in 2006 is called “The door opener.” It goes like this, You: “Oh Hi there,” (said in a surprised manner as if you hadn’t planned to talk with her), I have a quick question for you, in this country, in this day and age, do you think a guy should still hold the door open for a girl on a date….or… do you think it’s kind of old fashioned and uncool? I’ll tell you why I’m asking in a minute.

There’s a lot that goes into this. There’s a lot more that goes after it if you want to be able to create interest and attraction in hot women you would like to get to know and maybe form a relationship with.

Memorize this opener… it will work wonders for you!

Years ago I wrote a guide… an E book.

My guide has helped tens of thousands of people and it will help you unless you are already able to meet attractive women whenever you feel like it and you never fail.

There are so many things I can help you with and if you check out my youtube channel I really share a lot of info with guys FOR FREE! It’s my passion to be able to help guys develop this skill as it took me years and many hardships to acquire it for myself.

I suffered as a shy guy and overcoming it without anyone to show me how was a nightmare. But now I have the skills and I’m happy to share it with any guy who wants it.


I want to hear from you when you are out there meeting hot girls and having the same total confidence that I’ve learned how to have. I also want to hear from you when you’re struggling to overcome your shyness or your fear… because I can help and I would like to help.

I want you to have the feeling that I have when I see a girl I want to meet… total joy! Total excitement and happiness. I just walk over and start talking. It’s no effort to me at all and you can achieve the same result.

I have a lot of videos to show you of how to approach women and get them attracted to you. In one video I even kiss a girl in minutes of meeting her.


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